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About Us





bCreative is the Talent Directory for creative people, like you. You can simply list your talents and demonstrate what you can do and also come to meet each other, discuss problems and find solutions, show how its done, or see how others do it, and then to pass on this knowledge.

bCreative is the one stop shop for everything creative, all the way from concept to production through to exhibition and sale. It's the place everyone with talent has been looking for. Where you can express your ability, talent and creativity!

This site was born from the same wishes from a group of people, creative just like you, who wanted somewhere they could call home for their talents. The management of bCreative understands your needs because they are just like you.

bCreative has, in addition, sought advice and guidance from expert specialists in every field, people of the very highest calibre to guide the management team, wisely and correctly and to the maximum effect.

You now see these "Ambassadors" announced here and elsewhere. bCreative is very proud that so many leading talents have elected to join this effort.

This site pledges that it will provide a helpful and honest service, building a safe home for your creativity to flourish, grow and find its audience.

Reinforcing the undoubted strength of the bCreaitve Ambassadors its management team is currently active in film, writing, theatre, management, journalism, photography, music and other media.  

Make our site your own. Please feel free to let us know what you think, tell us what you'd like to see and we will be delighted to do what we can to improve.