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28th Sep
Getting it Right!
Getting it Right!

Getting it right should be the mantra for all creative ventures. Sometimes its difficult to define what's right. Is my right the same as your right?

Art, by definition, is imperfect, and therefore any creative outcome is bound to be open to criticism and different opinions. So, it was with some trepidation that I came to look at the new website thebcreativedirectory. Firstly the big plus, it is a very handsome looking site. The graphics are excellent and its easy to read and understand. The not so good is that, as yet, the site is more than a little clunky to navigate. Clearly these are early days so I am prepared to give the founders, led by Tony Klinger, the benefit of the doubt, when he assured me that these glitches and gremlins will be ironed out before the big launch date in mid October.

Right now the technical team are wrestling with a particularly irksome piece of coding that resulted in the system insisting that one of its early subscribers from Portsmouth, was actually in the Portsmouth in Scotland! "The geographically dyslexic programme is being severely admonished!" promised Klinger, "..and we expect Portsmouth to have moved south very soon!"

But the big pluses are becoming evident with the creation of this creative online community. Already the new users of this site are finding benefits in this association of like minded people who have similar problems, solutions and experiences. I have seen some of the ever growing number of glowing testimonials to bCreative and they are very impressive. This is a site that has huge potential, I think they're going to get it right!