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7th Sep
The Man Who Got Carter
The Man Who Got Carter

Michael Caine pictured with Michael Klinger on Newcastle location of "Get Carter"

“The Man Who Got Carter”

Tony Klinger - founder and Chief Executive of bCreative announces his next film production, “The Man Who Got Carter”, is a sometimes humorous and always provocative examination of the career and times of famed indie film producer, Michael Klinger. He produced the iconic British film “Get Carter” that Total Film Magazine recently rated “The Best British Film Ever”. He also produced Roman Polanski’s first two English language films, Repulsion and Cul-de-Sac plus more than three dozen other films, starring such talents as Michael Caine, Lee Marvin, Peter Finch, Shelly Winters, Mickey Rooney, Sir John Guilgud, Ray Milland, Catherine Deneuve and many others. 

Michael Klinger’s career has spawned a 2012 book by acclaimed academic, and author, Andrew Spicer, a current and thriving research study group in many universities, conferences on his career and times and now this film. Legions of fans and supporters who attest that the film, Get Carter, “changed their perception of Britain and its culture.”  

Making this film is a huge labor of love for its writer and director, Tony Klinger, son of Michael and a famed film maker in his own right, having made such films as “The Kids are Alright” with the legendary rock group, The Who and “Deep Purple Rises Over Japan” with Deep Purple. At the apex of a career he has turned back to the making of documentary films and most recently he produced and directed the film “Full Circle” with Arnon Manor.

Now we share intimate footage of the Klinger family at play, and so far we have funded the entire project ourselves, all at the risk of never making our money back.  But, like any film-maker or creative person, we’ve forgotten the pain and we’re ready to show the world what an important and lovely man Michael Klinger was, and I’m proud that he was also my father. This film is a study of a man, warts and all, but told with love, affection and respect for what he achieve and the impact he has had on film-making, independent production and what people see on their screens.
Now near to the point of having finished the main filming, both here and in Europe. Interviews of stars and experts, people who knew Michael Klinger and people who would have loved to have known him. Tony was both his son and for the last few years of his life, his business partner.  “The Man Who Got Carter” is his new film that deepens the conversation about independent producers, supporting every film-maker’s right to empowerment and accurate information during the indie film making process.   We’ve already begun a no to low cost marketing campaign to raise the profile of this extraordinary man. This resulted in a British Government funded research grant of $325,000 for the academic study component of this process. We have no part in this money as we gave the long term loan of our archives to this educational study at no charge in order to help others in their academic endeavours.

This is where Tony needs your help.  He has made this film so far with a microscopic budget, once again funded out of his own pocket.  The original filmmaking team has worked for free or at our cost on a “friends” much reduced daily rate, but has come as far as we can on our own.  Tony and his team made this film because they wanted the world’s film makers to understand the independent film production process through the story of this incredible producing pioneer – the idea that every film is a rip off or has to go into production via a major studio requiring uncovered financial risks, rip-off merchants and seemingly incomprehensible financing procedures. We decided it was time to demonstrate through this story that there is another, legitimate method to make films people want to see that is legal, logical, methodical but nevertheless creative, rewarding to its audience and exciting; however, this film can’t have any impact if its never seen. It needs to have a budget to promote and market this documentary film, to make sure that it reaches as many film makers, creative students and as big an audience of people interested in quality film making as possible. To acquire that budget, Tony needs your help.   

Why did Tony decide to make “The Man Who Got Carter”?

After touring the US,and UK and addressing a very large number of lectures, master classes, conferences and workshops regarding independent film production using the career of  Michael Klinger as an example Tony realized that the film makers and audiences now and for the future still needed more answers and guidance.  Their audiences were energized and excited by the talks , but still had specific and basic questions like “We really appreciate these stories about the past, but how can we break through now?”  Tony realized his work wasn’t yet done.  He has a responsibility to bring more of this information into the mainstream, where it is sorely lacking.  

How can I contact Tony? 

You can reach us at  – feel free to email with questions, comments, or simply your thoughts! Just be aware that Tony does get a lot of emails, so please give it a few days for him to respond! 

I am a fan of/like the ideas behind The Man Who Got Carter . Aside from donating, how can I help?

We would love it if you could help spread the word about The Man Who Got Carter and independent film production! You can help us promote The Man Who Got Carter by:

  • Telling your friends about this project
  • "Liking", tweeting, and sharing the our video at the top of the page
  • Posting a link to our Kickstarter page on your Facebook and Twitter
  • Liking us on Facebook and Following us on Twitter
  • Hosting a screening of the film, The Man Who Got Carter with your friends and family

If you have any other ideas on raising awareness of our film, please let us know! 

I want more information…

Tony thanks you for visiting their Kickstarter page. We join Tony in his hope you’re able to support him in this endeavor!



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The Man Who Got Carter”

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Iconic film producer and documentarian Tony Klinger and acclaimed film maker Jake Shaw are the filmmaking team responsible for the provocative and groundbreaking documentary feature “The Man Who Got Carter”.