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13th Nov
bCreative Growing Fast
bCreative Growing Fast

There are some moments in the growth of an idea which are very exciting. These are the times when a dream begin to become reality. For bCreative this is one of those situations.

Presently, Tony Klinger, the founder of bCreative is in Los Angeles pushing the boundaries of his web site on a global basis. This has involved the ever growing, but still small bCreative team, in helping this expansion happen in as smooth a way as he can manage.

Klinger gave a lecture to a film directing class in the Riverside College Campus in California last week. He presented everyone the entire student body with complimentary memberships. "I am thrilled to welcome this bright, communicative and energetic group to our membership" said Klinger after the lecture.

The Riverside student body join the lists of UK members with new members in the last weeks from Australia, The United Arab Emirates, Canada, Spain, The Phillipines, China, Germany, Greece and many other countries. This explosive growth is set to continue as bCreative provides its users with an ever increasing array of uses.

The team then spent another few days on a road trip in California's Palm Desert talking with groups of people about the web site service and plainly Klinger was thrilled because their reactions were universally positive.

The week ended when Klinger was interviewed by Heart FM Spain live on air for nearly an hour and he invited the Spanish listeners to join the site and share their creativity.

Next bCreative intends to welcome an ever growing number of creative people from an increasingly wide array of seemingly non creative careers, but more of this soon, for now Tony Klinger, wreathed in smiles, is proud to note that the site continues to grow at an explosive rate and that its evolving, improving and looking better than ever. Our meeting ended with his promise to keep pushing the boundaries forward.