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31st Jul
bCreative in 'Computer Music' Magazine
bCreative in 'Computer Music' Magazine

This article was originally published in Computer Music Magazine


Aiming to make it easier to connect and talk with creative professionals is new social-networking site bCreative. It’s aimed at creative folk of all kinds: musicians, writers, artists, actors, models, filmmakers, dancers, comedians and more.

bCreative say that the site’s purpose is networking: it is “the place to be to give and get back”, somewhere to “communicate with like-minded people” and a place for people to get “fast answers” to their questions.

The website features Ambassadors in a number of fields, including music production, poetry/lyrics, music publishing and photography, while a link-up with MyBand TV presents the possibility of musicians getting their band heard “on a global stage”. Job searches and mentoring opportunities can also be found on the network.