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22nd Aug
bCreative in 'Film & Video Maker' magazine
bCreative in 'Film & Video Maker' magazine

This new and exciting free social networking site is causing quite a stir among creative professionals and amateurs alike. It is now spreading via other internet sites, press, radio and TV and is attracting musicians, writers, artists, actors, models, filmmakers and all those working at the creative development of any art form to join. Be they well established connoisseurs of their art or students of their own creativity, hobbyists, wannabe's, all are welcome at The bCreative Directory. By request 'comedy' is the latest category to be added.


The purpose is networking. It is the place to be, to give, and get back. Anyone creative is welcome to join (free). You will find people who understand the highs and lows of working in an intense, stimulating career area, as well as those who desire to follow their heart and create. Paintbrush, guitar or camera in hand, they need to communicate with like minded people.


Founded by Tony Klinger (film producer, director - 'Get Carter', 'Shout at the Devil', 'The Kids Are Alright', author, lecturer etc). The bCreative Directory was his answer to the eternal questions asked by many students, friends and colleagues. 'Who do i ask? Who might understand? Where do I start? Am I the only one?' These and many others are the questions that roll around the heads of creative folk, and need fast answers.


Tony decided to bring in a few 'Ambassadors' to set the tone.


Currently they include luminaries in the fields of poetry/lyrics, music publishing, cinematography, photography and music production. More ambassadors will be added as the site develops. Already for our musicians and groups there is a tie up with MyBand TV creating an outles for their sound and visuals on a world stage. The site also features mentoring and job searches which are proving popular. 


Many events and services are being planned, and suggestions are always welcomed as this organic site develops. Whatever we do at bCreative, the ethos will always be the same.


How can we help you achieve your dreams?


-Tye Ribiero, Cubit Media