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31st Jan
bCreative in ConciergeQ's first published article of the New Year
bCreative in ConciergeQ's first published article of the New Year



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Tony Klinger, author and noted filmmaker, was born and raised in Hackney, London, and still looks upon this vibrant city as his home. While enrolled at school, Tony began his career by winning two national prizes from sponsored writing competitions and, together with some pals, ran a successful underground school magazine called Fanfare. By the young age of 18, Klinger had already become respected for both developing scripts and producing small professional films that received public distribution and wide acclaim. Tony has enjoyed success in a great variety of media roles, including diverse positions in television as an AD, and then editor, straight through to producing action-adventure films such as Gold and Shout at the Devil. This British auteur achieved notoriety via rock films, documenting legends like Deep Purple and The Who and producing their most seminal film works, including the recently reissued The Kids Are Alright (1979). In addition, Klinger’s book,Twilight of the Gods, recalling the making of the iconic film The Kids Are Alright, was published worldwide in 2009. More recently, in 2010, Tony Klinger launched bCreative, a social networking website for those who wish to work in the creative arts – “whether it be a film script, a piece of music, creative writing, painting, sculpting or anything else that defines your creativity.”