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10th Aug
the bCreative directory September Launch -
the bCreative directory September Launch -

London - 3 September 2010

bCreative Soft Launches


As September began bCreative, a new web site for the entire creative community was born. The brainchild of film making veteran, Chief Executive, Tony Klinger, it has been in development for more than three years. "We are unique," claimed Klinger, "Because we have signed up a leading figure from our categories and sub categories who will represent the interests of the members from their section of the creative community." Put another way, whether you're a cinematographer, dancer, poet or writer, musician or whatever there is someone on this site who can really make the claim, been there, done that, got the T shirt!

Why the soft launch? Klinger smiled and relaxed in his modern office, "We decided to learn from others, that allows us a little space to make sure we get everything right. We want to be a service for the community I am part of, and that means being straight with people."

"In about a month or so," continued Marketing Director Andy Nicholas, we'll go formal, have a hard launch, all the bells and whistles, but for now we prefer to keep it intimate.Our site is still being improved all the time, and its with the entry of our users that we can populate the site and iron out our glitches and give the user the best experience."

So, what is bCreative? I've had a sneak preview of this ambitious site and its best described as both a unique talent and social network directory, and, could well be destined to become the major opportunity provider for the entire creative community. Whether you want to be a singer, actor, film maker, writer, sculptor, painter, or just someone who wants to express their creativity, or perhaps you prefer to simply watch someone else who is creative and see their career blossom, then this is the place for you. Maybe you won't just have to wait in the rain with thousands of others for the remote chance to go on to a television programme. Perhaps this new site is a more comfortable and welcoming place for all those people. Maybe this is where they can develop their craft and seek help from others who have shared experiences.

Whichever way it turns out I came away with the definite feeling that bCreative's web site is going to be a great place for anyone who has that creative talent to show what they can do, its a place which anyone can use as a lauch pad and shop window and its a lot of fun!