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Ambassador Information

Ambassador Information Page 

This month will see bCreative start to name some of their Ambassadors and we will share these stories with you as each name is revealed.

Creating anything is a difficult and arduous process. We all need help to do our best. Even if you are gifted and need no instruction at all, you are subject to the influences of other creators who came before you. You are not alone, you are one in an army of like minded people who want to communicate their inner spirit, their vision to the watching world. Above all you want to share.

We decided to share information here about the creative projects  of our Ambassadors on this page. You will see their stories and come to understand how they achieve such success, and explore their motivation and share their joy.

The first to do so will be Film Production Ambassador Tony Klinger, the founder of bCreative.

The last few weeks have been very hectic for me. I have been working on a new book, Sand & Fire, a feature length documentary about my late father, film producer, Micahel Klinger and the launch of this site.

For the documentary I arranged to interview the great Sir Michael Caine. He had acted in two films for my father, the iconic Get Carter, and the much less known, Pulp. Personally the latter was a secret joy of mine and his, but its the first film that has gone on to become a classic of the cinema. Sir Michael entered the room for our interview and went around to each member of our team and quietly said, "Hello, I'm Michael Caine, what's your name?" He set the tone for what was a very special interview, full of wit, charm and warm loving anecdotes.

Adam Faith once said to me, "Be nice to the guy who brings you the tea, you might well need his help one day!" The difference between Adam and Sir Michael is that the latter is one of nature's gentlemen, he is genuinely a good guy whilst Adam, who was full of fun and mischief was, as he said himself to me on our first meeting, "the most selfish b****** you will ever meet!"

The book I am writing is now a little late for delivery but I hope everyone involved understands that even we disciplined creative types can only juggle with the two hands we've got. On the plus side the 75,000 words I've written so far are exciting, now all I have to do is get to the end of it.

One of the key things we hoped to create with this site was a place where people who create could have an environment where they could engage with as many other people in a similar type of creative process. I have already "met" a couple of other people here on bCreative who fit that description. With them I have shared experiences, information about legal matters, and how to deal with a manager. Can't be bad for a site this new!"