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Help and Support

Our membership covers the world, and this happened far faster than we had anticipated.

Many of our rapidly growing family of members have asked us questions about how they can best manage their careers. First order of business is that, if you want to be promoted and notice you are going to have to upload as much information about yourself and your creative work as you have avaialble. A minimum guide is a good photo of yourself plus your full profile. More is better, and don't worry about too much. If you have examples of your work you are advised to upload as much as you have that demonstrates your abilities.

What you need to do in addition to this will depend on where you are in your creative journey, what you're trying to achieve and where you want it to be targeted. Some of your questions are simple and can be responded to by a series of Frequently Asked Questions and their semi automatic responses. However, to satisfy the needs of those of you with serious, more in depth issues we will be making our management team available for you. This will be in the next couple of weeks and we hope those of you that choose to use us will find it useful, informative and helpful.

We intend to continue to be objective, honest and fair. There is no purpose in our telling you that we think you're a great singer if you can't hold a note, or are the best dancer in the world if you can't move well, but if all you want is a shoulder to lean on or someone to talk to or communicate with we will be there for you.

Other than our own production companies we do have our own management company with various artists signed to it and we are proud to tell you that some of them are already on this site, amongst you. We will be revealing them to you, along with our Ambassadors over the coming weeks and months.

 I once filmed a documentary about the Cannes Film Festival; I was about 18 or 19 and didn’t know much about anything. I asked an actor, Charlton Heston, about his work on his latest film, and he replied that, “Art, by definition is imperfect.” The same could be said about a web site.

 When we formed Bcreative we decided to be entirely up front with you. To do this isn’t easy, it means admitting that we sometimes screwed up, and that we aren’t perfect, in fact, far from it. We try to get everything right, but sometimes we just don’t get it as right as we would wish. Our promise to you is that we will continue to grow, get better and provide you with excellent service.

 We are mostly thrilled with this site, it looks great, it works well, most of the time and in almost all areas, but it has glitches and gremlins that we are doing our best to eliminate.

 Please let us know about any problems you encounter and feed us with any thoughts, ideas or suggestions you might have for us to improve our services to you. We will do everything we can to be responsive and thank you in advance for your input.

In the meantime we own up to our failings; we promise to do our best and we hope that you enjoy your experience with our unique and helpful site which is rapidly becoming your own meeting place.

This will be the place where we provide you with all the help and support we can manage.

Our site will continue to boast new features that will make it feel smoother and more inter-connected and seamless but in the meantime if you have any problems with it please use the contact form to be in touch with us and we shall respond as quickly as we can.