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Testimonials From Members

The bCreative Directory has enjoyed many successes for its members in its first months of operations. Here are some examples.

"I am very excited about my membership at So far, it has exceeded my expectations and over delivered on its promise to
boost my career. The founding creators, especially Tony Klinger, are visionary artists of their own sort and truly have an important
mission they are fulfilling, by creating a powerful online community for creative artists of all kinds to come together and network amongst
themselves as well as with talent scouts and media sources for greater exposure.

The key to any artist's success is a fine combination of exposure to the right audience, and acceptance from the audiences they reach. is unique in the world as the only community focused on helping artists in this way. When I first registered, I was surprised
to find how simple it was to register (FREE) and create a profile. We have full capacity to upload videos (even those hosted on youtube and
other sites), photos and even audio clips. This is spectacular, as most other sites charge for this service and have limitations on all
3. has imposed no limitations upon us members, and for that, I am certain they will expand rapidly into a globally renowned
artist and creative talent community and portal.

So far, in a few short months being on, they have already encouraged me to enter into several contests to be selected
for the most exciting prizes. One for video, another for models with possibility to be chosen to go to Cannes Film Festival this May! I am
excited about the level of professional and high calibar offerings they select to share with our community members and am certain it will
only continue to get better as the word gets out and the community expands and grows.

My acting career has seen a great leap since signing up for In just a few short weeks of taking acting classes and
a few pointers from the BCreative team, I attracted a theatrical talent agent from Beverly Hills and the attention of several large
Magazines in USA and Europe. This was with the guidance of the experts and encouragement to pursue my dream as a
Lifestyle TV Show Hostess. My internet reality tv show on youtube has a growing audience and I know it is time to take the show to network

I am looking forward to growing with BCreative and allowing the fullness of my potential to be realized as we collaborate, co-create
and help each other reach our fullest potential."

All of this is true and no creative license was necessary, as I meditated upon the community and realized it is a hidden gem waiting
to be discovered by all whom desire to reach a greater level of success in their creative endeavors and career.

Blessings and Love,
Dashama Gordon"